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Set for regeneration of MAN E2876 LE302 gas engines

Set for regeneration of MAN E2876 LE302 gas engines

The MAN E2876 LE302 gas engine regeneration kit, introduced to the Gas Power offer in the third quarter of this year, has attracted considerable interest from both foreign and domestic customers.

Undoubtedly, this was influenced by the new pricing policy of Gas Power. On the basis of this success, further sets are being prepared for further MAN engine models, as well as variants of the current set, differing in price and the number of parts included in its composition.

In current form, the set consists of, among others:

  • new turbocharger,
  • oil cooler,
  • 6 heads,
  • 6 cylinder liners
  • 6 pistons with a set of piston rings and connecting rod shells.

The whole set is completed with the necessary gaskets and fastening elements in the form of screws, pins, nuts and washers.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our special price offer.